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How to make a pen drive boot able by command prompt

This article is going to explain how to make a flash drive boot able without any software for installing windows. There are many third party tools to achieve this. But doing it by command prompt is very easy, faster and also much reliable.
Keep in mind that for installing windows 7 or a higher version it's highly recommended to use at least a 8 GB pen drive. 

Download any film directly

Today most of you download films as torrents. But some torrents has less seeders results in a very low download speed. In such situations many of our second try is to go for web sites which provide direct download links for torrents such as ZBigZ and Filestream. But problem with these sites is these web sites are limited to a maximum download file size of 1 GB. Then our dream to download that lovely movie torrent comes to a end.

But with this software we can make that dream true.

This software is called Express files. Actually it is download manager. It search for torrents itself and download that torrents as a direct download. You can download Express files from here.

Free software to record desktop for video tutorials

Desktop recording is very essential to make video tutorials and presentations. Desktop recording can be done by web cam software too. But in those web cam software there are no additional tools like mouse pointer highlighter, typing sounds, etc.

CamStudio is a good, free software built for desktop recording. It can be downloaded free at

How to schedule an auto shutdown by command prompt

In many day to day activities, there are many occasions we need to set the computer to shutdown automatically. There are many software to achieve this simply. Wise Auto Shutdown is a best freeware to do this. But I'm going to tell a simple method to achieve this by command prompt without any additional software. 
1. Start command prompt

How to turn on Hibernate feature in windows 7/8 and 8.1

Hibernate is a very essential feature comes with windows operating systems. But in default, this feature has been disabled and it cannot be enabled by graphical user interface. Following steps show how to enable hibernate in a few simple steps.

1. Open command prompt as administrator.