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How to make a pen drive boot able by command prompt

This article is going to explain how to make a flash drive boot able without any software for installing windows. There are many third party tools to achieve this. But doing it by command prompt is very easy, faster and also much reliable.
Keep in mind that for installing windows 7 or a higher version it's highly recommended to use at least a 8 GB pen drive. 

Now follow these steps.

1. Open command prompt as administrator.
2. Now type following commands respectively. Don't forget to press enter key after each command.

  • SELECT DISK 1(Enter the appropriate disk number displayed by above LIST DISK command. Don't go wrong with this number. Using a wring number may format your hard disk)
  • FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICK (After entering this command your pen drive will begin to format. This will take a few minutes)
  • EXIT

3. Now it's finish making your pen drive boot able.  Next you have to mount windows .iso image and copy all the files inside that image to pen drive.

4. Finally restart your computer having pen drive connected and choose "Boot from USB device" from BIOS menu.


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