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How to schedule an auto shutdown by command prompt

In many day to day activities, there are many occasions we need to set the computer to shutdown automatically. There are many software to achieve this simply. Wise Auto Shutdown is a best freeware to do this. But I'm going to tell a simple method to achieve this by command prompt without any additional software. 

1. Start command prompt
2. Type in command prompt as follows.

shutdown /s /t <time>

In this command time should be mentioned in seconds.

In the above example I used the value 3600 as time. That means computer turns off after 3600 seconds from now(1 hour from now).

Not only shutdown other power operations like log off and restart also can be done by this command. But those operations cannot be scheduled. 

Shutdown: shutdown /s .t time
Restart: shutdown /r
Log off: shutdown /l
Hibernate: shutdown /h

For more help on command shutdown type,

shutdown help


shutdown /?


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