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Upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Offline

Are you waiting for "Get Windows 10" notification??? Or you have reserved your windows 10 copy but no data to download such a big image. If so, you have come to the right place.

Step 1: How to get "Get Windows 10" notification/app

There are two main requirements to receive the "Get Windows 10" app.
  1. 1. You must have a genuine product key for windows 8/8.1.
  2. You must update your system regularly. But there are some situations where you don't receive Get Windows 10 app though you fulfill above 2 requirements.
Then what I have to do?
You can follow this procedure to reserve your copy.Do a fresh installation of windows 8.1
  1. Activate windows 8/8,1 with a genuine product key
  2. Check for updates and install all important updates. Installing optional updates is not necessary. (There is an important update of about 700 MB, Installing that update is also not necessary.)
  3. Restart your PC and keep connected your PC to internet for couple of hours. You will get "Get Windows 10" app notification at the task bar.
If you didn't receive the notification after following the above process, most probably you have reserved your copy of windows 10 before and then you have formatted your PC (remove that copy of windows which you used to get "Get Windows 10" notification) without upgrading to Windows 10. Then according to the Windows 10 upgrading process you cannot get Windows 10 free upgrade for that PC.

Step 2: Upgrade Windows using .iso image

You must have reserved your copy of Windows before continuing this step. If you continue this step without reserving, you can still install Windows 10. But you won't get a product key for Windows 10 for free.
To continue this step you should have a downloaded setup of Windows 10 (About 4 GB).
  1. Make a windows 10 bootable pen drive or write it to a DVD. To learn how to make a bootable pen drive using command prompt see How to make pen drive bootable. Or you can just mount the .iso image to a virtual drive and continue installation as you are only upgrading windows. (You cannot use a virtual drive when you are doing a clean installation of windows)
  2. Start setup.
  3. Setup will ask what to keep. Choose "Keep personal files, apps and Windows settings".
  4. Continue setup. It will take approximately one and half hour to complete the upgrading process. (Depend on performance of  your machine and size and number of software you have installed on your old windows)
  5. After setup completed you have get Windows 10. Now connect your PC to internet. Windows will automatically get activated after some time. To check whether your Windows have activated right click "This PC" and go to properties. You will see your product ID at the bottom of the page. 
  6. Now you are done. 
Now you have a valid product key for your Windows 10 copy. This  product IS has been registered in Microsoft servers with a unique identification of your hardware. Therefore once you upgraded to Windows 10 you can format your PC and do a fresh installation of Windows 10 if you want. 
But you can NEVER get a free product ID for Windows 10 by directly installing Windows 10 without upgrading. 


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