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How to play Sinhala subtitles(or any other custom fonts) using MX Player on any Android device

Do you know that you can play sinhala subtitles on your android device using MX player even though the device doesn't support sinhala rendering. Just a simple procedure.

Hide Images, Videos, Music on SD card from Android Gallery (Hide WhatsApp media from gallery)

In android devices all images, videos and sound tracks which are located on internal memory and SD card are automatically added to the music player and the gallery. There are many cases where you don't want to avoid adding these media files to gallery. For example you may want to hide media downloaded from Whatsapp.

Extend internal memory of any Android device (Root Needed)

Low internal memory is a very common problem between low end android devices. Today most of android devices have both more than enough processing power and RAM size. But the internal memory size is relatively low. Due to low internal memory, we can't install many apps and most of the times sync stops working.
Two most popular solutions to low internal memory problem.Link2SDDrawback - Slow down the devicevold.fstab methodRisk of bricking the phone. Need the appropriate vold.fstab for the device. I'm going to tell you a different method. In this method the SD card is joined to the end of the internal memory. If the internal memory is not enough, then the SD card will be used instead of the internal memory.  I installed NFS Most Wanted and NFS No Limits on a Xpeia E3 Dual after extending the internal memory using this methods. (Xperia E3 Dual has a internal memory of 1.7 GB)