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Extend internal memory of any Android device (Root Needed)

Low internal memory is a very common problem between low end android devices. Today most of android devices have both more than enough processing power and RAM size. But the internal memory size is relatively low. Due to low internal memory, we can't install many apps and most of the times sync stops working.

Two most popular solutions to low internal memory problem.

  1. Link2SD
    • Drawback - Slow down the device
  2. vold.fstab method
    • Risk of bricking the phone. Need the appropriate vold.fstab for the device.
I'm going to tell you a different method. In this method the SD card is joined to the end of the internal memory. If the internal memory is not enough, then the SD card will be used instead of the internal memory. 
I installed NFS Most Wanted and NFS No Limits on a Xpeia E3 Dual after extending the internal memory using this methods. (Xperia E3 Dual has a internal memory of 1.7 GB)

Why you should use this method

  1. No limitations. This is suitable for any android device. (Root needed)
  2. No risk of bricking the phone. 
  3. Can download large games like NFS and GTA from goole play.
  4. You can remove the trick at any time you want easily. 


  1. Rooted Android device. (Root guide for Xperia E3 dual)
  2. A SD card with good read write speed and a desired capacity. (Class 10 SD card is highly recommended)
  3. Download these.


  1. Extract downloaded File and copy files to SD card of the phone. 
  2. Move debuggered.mnt file to system/bin folder of the android device. (Use Root Browser of the ROM Toolbox Lite to do this). Set the permission as other files in the system/bin folder. (Permission can be set by long touching the file.)
  3. Open the scripter of the ROM Toolbox. Press plus button on the action bar and import the file from the folder copied to the SD card.
  4. Click on imported file and click "Run Script". Script will be run and memory will be extended. (If you check in the file browser of the phone, it will display the extended memory size for the internal memory)
  5. Now click again the file and click "Set at boot". This will set the file to be run at every startup. 
  6. Now install the OBB on SD Xposed module which was downloaded before.
Yeah. Now you are done.

Optional step (Carefully read and only do this if necessary)

Some phones have SD card write permission problems, especially devices with Kitkat OS. To check this do the following simple steps.
  1. Go to broswer and and check whether you can download files and images.
  2. Open the facebook app and try to save an image.
  3. Open whatsapp and try to download an image or a video. 
If any error occur while performing above steps, then follow the following steps. If no error occurred and everything works fine, then just ignore following steps and you are done.

  1. Download and install Xposed Installer.
  2. Open the app and then activate and reboot.
  3. Go to Modules in Xposed Installer and install Kitkat SD card full access and Obb on SD. If directly installing from the Xposed installer didn't work try above links and download and install externally. 
  4. Enable by marking the check box for above two modules.
  5. Restart the device.
Yeah. Now you have extended your phone's internal memory successfully. Enjoy playing a big game from google play. 
If you have any questions feel free to put a comment. And also please be king enough to leave a feedback :)

Reference - XDA Forum


  1. step 3 has me lost, I press plus button/import got a black screen storage emulated legacy tabs at top and arrows at bottom cant find the sd card folder, ok I thought root explorer move file to legacy went back to rom lite and didn't even show file on screen any ideas?

    1. Nothing can go wrong in this step. You can go to SD card from the root (/) of the file hierarchy or /storage/sdcard1 path. Can you post a screenshot here?

  2. I tried this trick and it worked...memory extended but cannot download files even sd crd full access module installed....

    1. An update of the Kitkat SD card full access have been released and I updated the post. Please check and try. Feel free to comment the progress.

    2. worked...thanx friend...thanx a lot

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Also I installed HandleExternal storage xposed module.....

  5. Now I can play GTA3 game from my phone...thanx a lot...

    1. Glad to here friend.... Thanks for the feedback :)

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